Revealing the Secret Method of Winning Sportsbook Online

Revealing the Secret Method of Winning Sportsbook Online

Revealing the Secret Method of Winning Sportsbook Online – In this article, we will help you online sportsbook betting members and players to be able to win by using the secret method.

Using a racehorse betting strategy effectively is one of the methods used in professional bola168 sports betting circles to make consistent, regular and long-term profits. Forget about wasting your money long term 20/1 hoping for a big payout, this is what the bookmakers want you to do. The key to success is the constant growth that results from regular small wins and controlled losses. The following are 3 strategies that are often used by professionals to accumulate profits:

Revealing the Secret Method of Winning Sportsbook Online

1. Field Laying.

With the creation of betting exchanges that allow person-to-person betting (especially Betfair), the ability to lie down or back to the horse is now becoming widely available to everyone. Not just for bookmakers. One method to use this effectively is to put the course in a running state with odds under 2. If 2 or more horses are matched during the race, you will make a profit while risking less than your bet value. The key to this method is in the careful selection of the races that are likely to be the most contested in the final stages.

2. Place Bets Only.

Instead of just backing the horse to win, or betting each way, Betfair gives you the opportunity to back the horse to a place i.e. to finish in the first 3 or 4 in the race depending on the number of runners. Since Betfair does not reduce the position paid when a non-runner is declared, it is quite possible to get paid in the first 3 places in a race of 7 horses or less. This method will produce a very consistent and sustainable strike rate.

3. Bet Every Way.

Betfair, while being a valuable tool, does not offer traditional one-way bets in the same form as betting, and there is a way to implement this known as “every-way theft” that places the odds firmly in your hands. . Bookmakers hate to take this bet, but have no choice. In certain races, where you have 8 or 9 runners and a strong favourite, the odds each direction on the second or third favorite will often pay out statistically above the actual price for the place stake. Backing the horse every way and putting down a share of the winnings at Betfair can therefore result in long term profits.